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Fernandez & Associates specializes in High-Technology and Intellectual Property Rights, particularly focusing on U.S. Patent Protection of advanced electronic circuits, semiconductor chip designs, network communications, biomedical devices, biogenetics, and complex software systems.





Our team prepares, files, and prosecutes U.S. patent applications. We are experienced in complex electronic and information technologies.

Some of the technology we work with include

  • Semiconductor circuit design
  • Network systems and protocol
  • Computer-aided design and engineering tools
  • Video and storage systems
  • Other electro-mechanical apparatus
  • Digital and ananlog communications
  • Internet-related client/server software applications
  • Multi-media
  • Micro-processor systems

We also work with the following in the biotechnology area
  • Proteomic
  • Biogenetics
  • Biomedical detectors
  • Bioinformatics systems involved in clincial trial design and secure data management

Emphasis is placed in defining strategic scope of patent claims to encompass legal protection over specific novel product features and overall architecture and methodology, as well as potential competitive activity and emerging industry standards.



In addition to patent prosecution specialty practice, the Firm may provide, on a limited basis, generally related counseling over various Intellectual Property Rights topics, such as: Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Mask Works and Licensing. Special focus is placed in providing management teams of emerging technology ventures with practical and effective strategies to building valuable Intellectual Property portfolios, as well as minimizing legal risk of infringing IPRs of other entities.


Additionally, the Firm may be available to provide startup companies, in certain situations, strategic business assistance and hands-on consultation regarding technology and marketing plan definition, early-stage seed funding, and initial management team recruiting, in addition to Intellectual Property counseling services. Occasionally, the Firm may assume a more active advisory role, for example, by participating in the company\'s Advisory Committee.



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