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6,882,897 Reconfigurable garment definition and production method

6,882,837 Local emergency alert for cell-phone users

6,874,112 Fault coverage and simplified test pattern generation for integrated circuits

6,863,548 Method and apparatus for improving the performance of edge launch adapters

6,809,979 Complete refresh scheme for 3T dynamic random access memory cells

6,806,114 Broadly tunable distributed bragg reflector structure processing

6,798,220 Moisture/mold detector

6,792,585 Method and apparatus of relative datapath cell placement with structure bonding

6,791,879 Structure and method for programmable and non-volatile analog signal storage for a precision voltage reference

6,788,847 Photonic input/output port

6,769,005 Method and apparatus for priority resolution

6,763,127 Apparatus and method for fingerprint recognition system

6,748,250 Method and system of monitoring a patient

6,742,105 Method and system for range matching

6,741,784 Optical fiber clamping apparatus to hold fiber cable while providing retractable distance across module unit

6,710,731 Apparatus and method for a digital to analog converter architecture

6,703,907 Circuit technique for increasing effective inductance of differential transmission lines

6,700,181 Method and system for broadband transition from IC package to motherboard

6,763,127 Apparatus and method for fingerprint recognition system

6,697,373 Automatic method for dynamically matching the capacities of connections in a SDH/SONET network combined with fair sharing of network resources

6,697,103 Integrated network for monitoring remote objects

6,693,828 Method for compensating field-induced retention loss in non-volatile storage with reference cells

6,538,695 On-chip fixed-pattern noise calibration for CMOS image sensors

6,437,929 Piezo-actuator based optical add/drop module

6,434,040 Loadless NMOS four transistor SRAM cell

6,415,188 Method and apparatus for multi-sensor processing

6,400,605 Method and system for pulse shaping in test and program modes

6,388,928 Method and system for reduction of test time for analog chip manufacturing

6,359,826 Method and a system for controlling a data sense amplifier for a memory chip

6,343,029 Charge shared match line differential generation for CAM

6,331,961 DRAM based refresh-free ternary CAM

6,329,856 Method and apparatus for tracking and controlling voltage and current transitions

6,329,063 Method for producing high quality heteroepitaxial growth using stress engineering and innovative substrates

6,327,197 Structure and method of a column redundancy memory

6,320,905 Postprocessing system for removing blocking artifacts in block-based codecs

6,292,061 Low-voltage CMOS phase-locked loop (PLL) for high-performance microprocessor clock generation

6,288,922 Structure and method of an encoded ternary content addressable memory (CAM) cell for low-power compare operation

6,262,928 Parallel test circuit and method for wide input/output DRAM

6,259,634 Pseudo dual-port DRAM for simultaneous read/write access

6,255,879 Digital programmable delay element

6,252,819 Reduced line select decoder for a memory array

6,243,379 Connection and packet level multiplexing between network links

6,240,008 Read zero DRAM

6,201,429 Clamped cascode level shifter circuit

6,192,075 Single-pass variable bit-rate control for digital video coding

6,185,127 Selectable analog functions on a configurable device and method employing nonvolatile Memory

6,167,473 System for detecting peripheral input activity and dynamically adjusting flushing rate of corresponding output device in response to detected activity level of the input device

6,157,264 Phase-locked loop with tunable oscillator

6,137,432 A low-power column parallel ADC in CMOS image sensors

6,115,300 Column redundancy on column slices

6,108,047 Variable-size spatial and temproal video scalar

6,041,351 Network traffic by instruction packet size reduction

5,900,742 Interface cell for a programmable integrated circuit employing antifuses

5,764,878 Built-in self repair system for embedded memories


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