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All the information and materials on the web site (www.iploft.com) have been
prepared for informational purposes only. Nothing on the web site constitutes
legal advice or opinion. Your viewing or using the web site, as well as your
submission of unsolicited information, does not establish an attorney-client
relationship with Fernandez & Associates, LLP or any of its affiliated attorneys.
You should not act upon any information contained on this web site without first
seeking legal counsel.

Links within the web site may lead to web sites operated by third parties.
The links are included solely for your convenience, and they do not imply an
endorsement of any third party or its web site contents.

You may communicate with us via email or the World Wide Web. However,
Fernandez & Associates, LLP cannot guarantee that information transmitted
electronically is secure, and assumes no responsibility for the loss of
confidentiality for any information transmitted electronically. Moreover,
if you communicate with us electronically in connection with a matter for
which we already represent you, you accept the risks of possible lack of
confidentiality over the Internet.

Fernandez & Associates, LLP attorneys are authorized to practice law only in
jurisdictions in which they have gained admission. Fernandez & Associates, LLP
does not wish to represent anyone desiring representation based upon viewing
this website in a state where this website does not comply with all laws and
ethical rules of that state.

Disclosure of Potential Conflict of Interest. We may be compensated by some
clients in stock equity (under 1% ownership position), as well as take an
ownership interest in pending patent applications or issued patents. As a
result, you should be aware that we may have a potential conflict of interest
with you. However, you agree that you will be reasonable in evaluating such
circumstances. You also agree to give your full consent to our representation
of you with full knowledge of the aforementioned potential conflict and full
understanding of any reasons why seeking independent counsel might be
desirable. In return, we confirm to you that the following criteria are met
in good faith: (i) our client relationships will not compromise any confidential
information we have received from you; and (ii) our effective representation
of you and the discharge of our professional responsibilities to you will not
be prejudiced by such client relationships.


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