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* Top-10 Most Common Intellectual Property Rights Mistakes During Venture Capital Due Diligence
Dennis Fernandez
[English Version] [French Version]

* Strategic Licensing in the New Economy 
Dennis Fernandez and Charles Neuenschwander
[English Version] [Japanese Version]

* Strategic Balancing of Patents and the Wireless Technology Revolution to Maximize Market Exclusivity
Doris Chen, Tim Huang, and Dennis Fernandez
[English Version] [Korean Version]

* China\'s IP Isn\'t Entirely Out of the Haze Yet
Veronica Weinstein, Doris Chen, and Dennis Fernandez
[English Version] [Chinese Version]

Deadline Strategies For US Patent Applications
Mengfei Huang, and Dennis Fernandez

Patent Prosecution in Pharmacogenomics
Nusrat Khaleeli, and Dennis Fernandez

FTC’s Controversial Plan To Change The Patent System
Jessica Akers, and Dennis Fernandez

Keeping Up Intellectual Property Lifelines for Life Sciences Ventures
Mircea Achiriloaie, and Dennis Fernandez

Technology Transfer: Licensing Intellectual Property from University to Industry
Behfar Bastani, Evelyn Mintarno, and Dennis Fernandez

Intellectual Property Strategies in Security and Privacy
Dennis Fernandez, David Kemeny, and Behfar Bastani

Strategic Balancing of Patent and FDA Approval Processes to Maximize Market Exclusivity
Dennis Fernandez and James Huie

Patent Prosecution in Proteomics
Keala Chan and Dennis Fernandez

Effective International Intellectual Property Strategies To Mitigate US Taxes
Dennis Fernandez and Inna Shestul

Intellectual Property Strategy in Bioinformatics and Biochips
Mary Chow and Dennis Fernandez

Intellectual Property Rights in Nanotechnology
Behfar Bastani and Dennis Fernandez

Patent Strategies in Wireless Technologies
Dennis Fernandez, Peter Su and Tim Huang

Improving Start-Up Company Valuation Through Strategic Intellectual Property Portfolio Building
Dennis Fernandez and Charles Cella

A Treasure Hunt Among the DOT-COM Ruins
Manny Madriaga and Dennis Fernandez

Intellectual Property Strategy in Bioinformatics
Mary Chow and Dennis Fernandez


Patenting Optical Inventions
Dennis Fernandez & Peter Su

Creating a Fundable Startup - From Soup to Nuts (Chinese)
Dennis Fernandez and Mabel Zhang


* Non-English translation available


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